Electric High Temperature Thermostat Oven Uses in Chemical Laboratory
  • Electric-High-Temperature-Thermostat-Oven-Uses-in (1)
  • Electric-High-Temperature-Thermostat-Oven-Uses-in
  • Electric-High-Temperature-Thermostat-Oven-Uses-in (1)
  • Electric-High-Temperature-Thermostat-Oven-Uses-in

Electric High Temperature Thermostat Oven Uses in Chemical Laboratory

Place Of Origin:Electric
Place Of Origin:Henan, China
Reference Price:$4100-$4550

Product Description

DZF6210 vacuum drying oven(2060W) is designed for drying heat sensitivity, easily decomposed and easily oxidizing material, especially for drying some complicated ingredient materials. Working room is made from stainless steel, its square shape has a wider using space than circular shape. DZF6210 vacuum drying oven’s power is 2060W, liner size is 560x600x640mm, use double-layer vacuum glass door which enhanced the thermal insulation properties and can observe the drying material conveniently.

Product Features

  1. DZF6210 vacuum drying oven(2060W)’s working room use high-quality steel plate or hygiene-grade stainless steel plate, strong anti-corrosion ability;

  2. Double-layer bulletproof and temperature resistance tempered glass window makes you clear at a glance of your work;

  3. Heat source use built-in S type anti-explosion resistance tube, safe and reliable, reduce 50% of the heating time, and the honeycomb type heat conduction window balance the heating of working space;

  4. Microcomputer temperature control is accuracy and fast;

  5. Touch key adjusted double-screen digital display panel makes it intuitional to set or read;

  6. The close tightness degree of oven door is adjustable, compound silicon seal ring guarantee the high vacuum degree of the oven.


Working Voltage

220V    50Hz

Temperature Control Range


Constant Temperature Fluctuation


Vacuum Degree


Temperature of Working Environment


Input Power


Liner Size(mm)W×D×H


Shape Size(mm)W×D×H


Loading Bracket (Standard Equipped)


Liner Material 

304 Stainless Steel(1Cr~18Ni9Ti)

Timing Range


Product Details



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